Monday, September 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home Renovations

Over the summer Emily mentioned that I should put a before and after picture of our house on the blog, so I finally uploaded my pictures and decided to do just that. So, here are some pictures displaying the most recent changes for the Smithfield Reeder's home.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This is short and I just want to say I am back to blogging so check out my blog. So far only Sadie has noticed. Maybe nobody will see this either but for those of you who, do i'm here!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Un-patented ideas by Bonnie Reeder

Special Note: Before everyone automatically dismisses this post, I should note that it is actually written by Bonnie, not Marty, and therefore has merit to it.

Every now and then I come across an idea. Something just clicks and I wonder, “Why has no one thought of that before?” Usually, when I think about it a little more I realize that though my idea is obviously brilliant, I have no clue how to make it happen. On pondering this problem, I thought that perhaps there are entrepreneurs out there running out of good ideas but with plenty of means to make things happen. So, I am offering up my good ideas, free for the taking. Some are a little more practical, some a little less. You’ll see…


Wishing better:

In an increasingly cash-less world where people usually pay for things with card or check I get the impression that ponds and wishing wells are just not making the profit they used to. My idea is a card reader machine for ponds. People wanting to make a wish but finding no change on hand could swipe their card, choose the amount (much like an ATM) and then hear the sound effects of a coin splashing into the pool. I’m pretty certain that the luck proves just as effective with this method, so there you go wishing pond,---problem solved.

Oreo filling:

At Christmas time I was eating some Oreos (Thanks Emily) and when I was done I noticed that there was Oreo stuck pretty persistently in my teeth. After a brief brush the Oreo was still stuck but ironically just in all the places that I have cavities and need fillings. So, I thought to myself, why don’t they fill cavities that way? Granted, an edible cavity filling has lots of kinks to work out….if it becomes permenant on your teeth what keeps it from becoming permanent in your stomach? Someone else will have to work out those details… but I still think it’s worth investigation…..just imagine, eating an Oreo instead of getting your teeth drilled and filled.

Taking out the trash:

This is my sister Susan’s idea, so I can’t really take any credit. It’s simple enough I’m surprised it hasn’t already been done. The idea is to have garbage sacks already within the garbage sacks so that when you take one out, the next one is already there opened up and set to go. Think Matrusca dolls, for garbage sacks.

Ware’s the lid?:

Don’t you hate when you can’t find a matching lid to your Tupperware? Plenty of lids, plenty of Tupperware, but where’s the match? This solution is easy enough, what if Tupperware lids were somehow attached to the Tupperware? Maybe a hinge or maybe it rolls or zips to the side, or tucks in a compartment of the Tupperware? This should have been done a long time ago, somehow.

Cribside Vending:

I must give most of the credit for this idea to Marty, though I helped evolve it a little. I’ve seen little toy attachments for the side of cribs. You know, with things that sing, or light up or do anything to entertain a baby….well, why not a miniature vending machine?---stocked with pacifiers, and warm bottles of formula. Baby could simply push the button of the item desired and Voila!

Children’s Museum:

This is a very specific idea—-, but I think it would be fun if the old Skating Rink across from the tabernacle was changed into a Children’s museum. I think it would get a lot of business from children and moms during the Cache Valley winters.

Christmas Straws:

This is probably the most simple and do-able idea yet. Two nights ago I was drinking my juice from a licorice straw. After a moment of deep thought I wondered, why don’t they make hollow Candy Canes to use as straws for hot chocolate in the winter? Who wouldn’t want to sip their steaming cocoa through a Candy Cane straw? That would be easy and effective, right?


Idea site:

I’m sure I’m not the only one with ideas like this, so the last idea I would propose is that someone could start a website for un-patented ideas. This could be a great way to connect inventors with the means to make things happen and provide some free ideas to some business minded people.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bring it!

Is everyone ready for a little competition this summer? Let's make it hard for me to win (wink, wink) and make it an only swimming event. The Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim is August 14, 2010. You can choose from a 1 mile, 5 K, 10 K, or 10 mile swim. Each swimmer needs a support kayak, so I figured those that don't want to swim could help with that or we could recruit other people like Derek or Jeremy, etc. to help out. Who's in? Let's discuss and then sign up.

P.S: We didn't swim all our childhood for nothing, right?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Proper Thank You

I've tried to think of a proper way to tell Emily thank you for undertaking a huge quilting project for me, but I couldn't think of one, so I guess this will have to do. Thanks Emily!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Think He Likes It

Thanks, Em. I think cj's little brother will need one, too.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thank You Nana & Papa.

We were so happy to have Nana and Papa here for a visit over their spring break. We did some amazing things that included: lots of walks in the vineyard, a very rainy walk at Sycamore Grove, a trip to the Chabot Science Center, dinner and ice-cream at Fenton’s, a visit from Papa at school, a very patient Nana to help us make ‘pink’ cookies, lots of great discussions and some early birthday presents. We were sorry, as usual, to see them go but are counting down the days when we can come and see them.

Thanks for visiting!